Pamela Vergara

15 Posted by - January 29, 2016 - Wood

Pamela Vergara

Pamela is a crusader, a feminist, a survivor, a hope giver, an artisan who betters lives of others through her passion of providing a better future for the ones in need of direction. Her dedication is evident in her work, meticulously restoring furniture, working with wood to resurrect what has been left in neglect. There is an irony that transcends with each project she undertakes, is she saving more than objects, is she Jean d`Arc that light the torch for so many women who simply want better lives. Yes, indeed.

Artisan who preferments others, altruistic passion to revivify hope for a better tomorrow. Among all this is where her love of giving crosses over into a desire to redeem furniture and human spirit. It is for this reason, Pamela is more than artisan she is a role model for anyone who is searching for an inspiration.


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