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Oz Yilmaz

I remember when I first got my camera at 11. It was such a joy to be able to capture instances from life. Beyond my family and friends a world waited for me to tell their story. This is what each photographer needs to have to I believe, a desire to tell a story through the medium of images.

This approach has not really altered much, today, I see things with much more maturity, I understand my camera and equipment better, but the essence of curiosity is still the foundation of my photography. What would be an interesting story to tell is the point of departure for all my projects.

20150320-five roses

In this portrait, I attempted to tell a view of the world from a photographer’s point of view. Surely, there are different opinions and approaches to photography so the reference is my own point of view.

One particular point that would be interesting to mention is that I photograph everything because I feel I can tell various stories in different fields. This is simply because my interests are varied and I find interesting stories all around me. There are those photographer who specialise in a particular field and that is all they do. I think that is a very smart approach to get good at photographyWhere live on 5

Some people prefer to photograph landscape, others architecture some only do street photography, for me, all these different fields of specialty is unique and can be explored at infinitum.

One other element of particularity about my approach to photography is the choice of equipment I use. My choice is centered around Leica cameras and lenses for their quality. This means that I must use manual focus and cameras with lesser capabilities than current line up of cameras from other manufacturers.


The concept of manual focus is a daunting issue for most photographers and novices because it is challenging, requiring a lot of input from the photographer. This is fine with me as I have been using manual cameras for over two decades.

This handicap also has a positive result as Leica lenses are reknowned in the world as being the best lenses. The colors and capabilities of these lenses provide me ample room to tell my version of a story.20150506-133A6152

As I look forward into the future, I see much room to improve as a person, photographer and an artist because each day I dedicate myself to improving aspects of my capabilities. Experience coupled with knowledge helps me to hone my art as a photographer. For this very reason, I see Portragram an ideal extension to tell stories in the age of internet.

I hope you will enjoy these portraits.

Thank you

Oz Yilmaz – Portragram


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