Karim Jabbari

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Karim Jabbari

Karim Jabbari is a man of unique talent powered by his cultural influence that has lead him to explore the beauty of Arabic language through calligraphy. His humble beginning and struggles in his early childhood has shaped his artistic expression which span exploration of centuries old traditional calligraphy techniques by the masters.

His struggles infused with a life away from his homeland was the pivotal force that has allowed him to take the leap in transitioning to a full time career as an artist. His search of cultural identity has created inertia that fuelled his love for the Arabic language that intensified his explorations into the art of Arabic calligraphy tradition.

Karim`s style eventually found root when he developed his own abstract form of calligraphy using different patterns, shapes, and colors. The artist insists that his explorations will continue on a perpetual path of change as he continues to perfect and transform Classic Kufi and Mahgrebi calligraphy into the modern age.

Karim aspires to pass on the tradition to the next generation via projects to influence the children to learn the art of calligraphy. He conducts workshops worldwide with emphasis on giving back to the community through public involvement in art.

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