Gregory Costa

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Gregory Costa

Gregory is an artisan in the most traditional sense of the word. He believes in working with wood which he says is noble material creating toys that reminiscence a time long before the advent of television and video games. In the most assured way he acknowledges his skill with his hands as he shapes toys for a generation of children that will learn to love and adore toys constructed by hand one at a time.

His atelier beneath his residence is marked with various machinery that allows him to craft traditional toys. He admits to the fact that making toys for his own children had eventually lead him to pursue a passion for creating of toys. In a day when all manners of creating handcrafted toys that can be passed on from generation to generation is disappearing, Gregory stands as Don Quixote against technology`s imminent march into children`s lives with his handcrafted toys.

The process of his artistic creation is passes through stages of inspiration to conceptualisation to eventual creation. Challenges in creating an object with the use of organic material like wood is where his skills as a craftsman shine.  On a typical day, he visits various machinery stations in his workshop eventually giving shape to wood as a sculptor gives life to marble creating toys one piece at a time.


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