Adeline Benhammouda

17 Posted by - February 3, 2016 - Sculpture

Adeline Benhammouda

Adeline is a remarkable person, personable, sincere, logical and artistic. It is the balance of these qualities that leave a mark on each of her mosaic art pieces. Most of the time, it is commissioned work that she works on with her own unique artistic touch, then, there are mosaic pieces that she has done which are displayed throughout her own living and studio space which immediately draw visitors attention.

At first glance she may appear as an introverted artist / mosaicist but then she quickly reveals her personality, opinionated, determined, mostly logical revealing a calculated engagement of wit that opens the gateway to her artistic world. Her engaging stories divulge her trials and tribulations which has had profound impact on her work. For example, there is a mosaic piece in the shape of a heart in bold white and red colors placed on a pedestal. One wonders, what her influence was, what fired her imagination, a wounded heart, jovial colors from her imagination blossoming or was it a depiction of heart stolen in idea from Grey`s anatomy sketches perhaps; the answer is left for the observer.

In each piece she creates, Adeline displays juxtapose of emotions running in her work. Intertwined desire to invite nature into her art through the use of bark, stones and marbles relentlessly chipped at her workstation jigs the imagination. Day in day out, she continues to lay lines of mosaic to form a puzzle that serve as a feast for the artistically inclined.


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